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  • Team Name: Error 404: Name not Found

  • Team Members: Shradheya Thakre & Ronak Lakhotia

  • Proposed Level of Achievement: Gemini

  • Target Audience: NUS Students and Staff

Project Overview


Students coming into university want to experience an enriching and diverse campus life. One of the most integral parts of a campus life is the host of events taking place around the campus. We want to bring forth an application by means of which members of the NUS family will be able to view the various events going around the campus on a day to day basis. Now there will be no need to worry about searching websites, scrolling through emails and pages on Facebook to know what events are being organized by various faculties and clubs. This will be convenient for all students and members of the various faculties as it will enable them to indicate their interest in the events that they want to attend.

Students will get easy access to the list of activities that will take place, thus making sure that they are notified of all important events which otherwise could have gone unnoticed. For a university like NUS, which is rated to have the best campus life, this app will bring to you all that you need to know about the various happenings in NUS and improve the campus life experience of students. Hence it will ensure an enjoyable and fulfilling campus life for the members of the NUS family.


Through this idea, we intend to provide the NUS students and staff easy access to the details including time and location of every event that will take place on campus.

Features and Testing

Description of the Final Product

  • LOGIN PAGE - The login page is to ensure authentication of each user.They will be asked to enter a valid email id and password following which a verification email will be sent to the email-id.

  • HOME SCREEN - The home screen has a floating buttons for users to add events,a view button to view list of events around campus and a bookmarked events button to view list of bookmarked events.There is a drop down menu with four options namely, Settings, About Us,Give us feedback and Sign Out the details of which have been discussed in the previous milestone.

  • DISPLAY EVENTS-LIST - This page displays the list of all events going around campus.We have given a short description for each event like name, time,location and date.We have tried to keep the interface pretty basic with a white background and blue font.

  • DETAILS PAGE - The details page shows details of each event like a short description given by the admin,a photo to give the users a better UI experience.Information like, whether the event has free snacks and if one has to buy tickets to attend the event will be displayed.Other details like number of users who bookmarked the event,links to the location of the event and email id of the event admin will also be shown.Users can click on the checkBox to add the event to list of Bookmarked events.Users can also add the event to the Google Calendar.

  • FLOATING BUTTON - On clicking the floating button, the user can enter all the relevant details of the event that he wants to add when he is granted the permission from the admin.

  • YOUR BOOKMARKED EVENTS - On clicking this button, the list of all events that the user has bookmarked will be shown on the screen.The format will be similar to the one illustrated before.

  • ABOUT US - This screen gives a brief description of our app and the contact details of the admins of this app.

  • EDIT AN EVENT - Users can update the details of the event he/she has added by clicking on the edit button on the details page.Users can even delete the event if needed.

  • SETTINGS - This is to provide the user with the flexibility of changing his password if needed.Users can also visit the Official NUS website.They can contact the admins of the app as and when required.

  • FEEDBACK - We also set up a Google Survey so that the users can share their experience with us!

  • NOTIFICATION SYSTEM - We have added this feature where the users will be notified about the events they have bookmarked just before the start time.

  • SMART-TABLE CLASH - This feature notifies the user if he/she has bookmarked more than one event on a particular day and asks the user to review the timings of the events on that day.

  • FILTERING OF EVENTS - This feature allows the user to view the list of events according to his/her choice.For example the user may want to view events only of a particular day.Or the user may want to view events that do not require entry fees.


We tested our application by creating a number of dummy accounts.So we entered data from each of those accounts.For examples events were added from different accounts and tested.Bugs were encountered in the process but we overcame them by applying relevant debugging tools like the Log statement that Android Studio provides.Some of the issues we faced were :-

  1. While deleting events from the ‘View Event List’ of a user, we initially removed the event from the bookmarked list only for the current user.Relevant changes were made and the event was deleted from the lists of all users.

  2. Changes were also made in the interface of many activities,like adding background colour or background images.

  3. Bugs were encountered while we tried to count the number of users that have bookmarked an event.

Technologies and Tools Used

  • Android Application using Android Studio

  • SQLite Database

  • Version Control System (GitHub)

  • Android Emulator

  • Firebase

Try out our App

Link to GitHub:

Download the APK:

Video of Demo of the App:

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