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A Java program designed to scrape the IVLE forums and archive it, for posterity.
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*** How to compile ***

Import the project into Eclipse and compile the project yourself. Compiled binary is not provided for security reason.

*** How to use ***

1) Type your username and password.
2) Type or copy/paste the forumid.
e.g. If the link is, then paste 3d970244-a27f-4011-9ffa-8da365115d9c into the console.
3) Wait for the files to be downloaded. It won't take more than 5 minutes even for 2000 posts forum if downloading from within NUS network.

*** Limitations ***

The current version has not yet link the files together to make the forum runs offline. Stylesheets, common images and scripts are not downloaded.

*** Can I help? ***

Nope. You are better off write your own code. The current code base will be scrapped and replaced by more well-written code.
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