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Sup! This is the source code of the nushackers blog site Development blog site at


This website is built with hugo, so if you want to make changes to the templates or structures of the site, please first read about hugo. But if you are just going to modify the data or update/add a post, you can simply follow the guide below.

Getting started

It's recommended that you test the site locally before doing any push. To do so, first install hugo v0.30.2, node lts, and yarn (npm install -g yarn).

Then enter this folder and run

yarn install
yarn start

Hugo will now generate the site and watch the directory and update the site when any changes are made. You can access the site at http://localhost:4000

Updating data

First, since hugo uses yaml as the markup for data. It's really simple, so just read about it first.

With some knowledge of yaml, you can take a look at the content folder - it contains the data for displaying the Friday hacks in the index page, coreteam members in the /about page and coreteam alumni in the /alumni page. More details below:

In data, friday_hacks.yml is for the Friday hacks (duh!). It contains a list (under hacks) of objects each with four fields: speaker, from, title and venue. Leave the speaker field empty to mark it as 'slot is open', or fill it up if it's filled up. For special occasion such as holidays, delete all fields and put nohack as the sole field with the reason as the value, e.g.

- nohack: Good Friday

It also contains a field start_date which should be the date-time of the first Friday hack.

coreteam_members.yml is for the coreteam member info in /about. It contains again a list with objects each with 2 fields: name and description, so just fill that up. The first guy or gal should be the president.

alumni.yml is in the same format as coreteam_members.yml. So to move a coreteam member to alumni, just cut and paste the entry into alumni.yml

Updating posts

About writing posts:

If you are write those generic posts about Friday hacks, please use the script scripts/ - yep, it's in Python yay! So install Python and Pipenv first.

Before running the script for the first time, use Pipenv to install our dependencies.

$ cd scripts
$ pipenv install

To use the script, first make sure you have filled up the Friday hacks entry in data/friday_hacks.yml, then just run it.

$ pipenv run python

It will ask for you name (as the author), and generates the md file in post/content. Now go ahead and add in more details to the post.

Final words

If you dislike any parts of this website, just clone it and push your changes! Make sure you update, though, or the octopus will be really pissed off.

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