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NUSModifications enhances the quality of students' lives in National University of Singapore through technology.


  1. nusmods nusmods Public

    🏫 Official course planning platform for National University of Singapore.

    TypeScript 556 269

  2. nuswhispers nuswhispers Public

    NUSWhispers source.

    PHP 39 8

  3. nusbusiness nusbusiness Public

    Helping NUS students do business since 2019

    Vue 1

  4. nusmods-launchpad nusmods-launchpad Public

    Deployment dashboard for NUSMods

    JavaScript 8 1

  5. nus-scripts nus-scripts Public

    Scripts to make life as an NUS student better and easier.

    JavaScript 42 34

  6. nus-exams-downloader nus-exams-downloader Public

    Script and executable to download all exam scripts for an NUS module

    Python 33 9


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