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CATEGORIES:: Conductor, External Control>MIDI, External Control>OSC
CVCenter is built upon the concept of code::CV::s by Ron Kuivila. Its name-giving class CVCenter holds a collection of CVs and allows the user to easily create graphical widgets that let her/him easily connect their external MIDI- or OSC-controllers. Widgets can be created from Synth-, Ndef-, NodeProxy-controls respectively it can also be used in connection with slots of a ProxySpace.
-As CVs inherit from Stream they may be used in Patterns as well (just like you would embed a regular Pattern in another).
+As CV inherit from Stream CVs may be used in Patterns as well (just like you would embed a regular Pattern in another).
NOTE::There is a newer version of CVCenter available which offers a number of new features and improvements (e.g. a multi-slider widget and customizable shortcuts). However, I consider that version to be experimental and it is available from Github only: link:: At the current moment I am not planning to replace the old CVCenter with the new one within the Quarks repository. If you have installed CVCenter as a Quark I would recommend uninstalling the Quark and to reinstall CVCenter via GIT-client from Github. This allows you to easily switch between versions: if you find a bug in the new version you may at any time switch back to the old version.::

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