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extend argumnts for Font:*available to a list of names

Similar to CSS one can now set a list of fonts and first available font
will be chosen for display if used like this:
Font(Font.available("Helvetica", "Futura", "Arial") ?
Font.defaultSansFace, 10);

Signed-off-by: Stefan Nussbaumer <>
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nuss committed Dec 12, 2017
1 parent 4f09600 commit 992fca12ec698d3ece4295e715767b9065c3abeb
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@@ -1,14 +1,13 @@
method:: available
Return the font-name defined by code::name:: if the font is available on the user's machine, otherwise return code::nil::
Return the first font name defined by code::names:: found within available typefaces on the user's machine, otherwise return code::nil::
Font(Font.available("Arial") ? Font.defaultSansFace, 9.5)
Font.available("Arial", "Helvetica", "Futura");
Font(Font.available("Arial", "Helvetica") ? Font.defaultSansFace, 9.5)
argument:: name
a link::Classes/String::, denoting a font or font-family.
argument:: names
one or more link::Classes/String::s, denoting a list of font names to be searched for.
returns:: a link::Classes/String:: or code::nil:: if no match was found
@@ -243,8 +243,15 @@
+Font {
*available { |name|
^Font.availableFonts.detect(_ == name)
*available { |...names|
var match; { |name|
match = Font.availableFonts.detect(_ == name);
match !? {

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