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Nutanix, Inc.

Nutanix loves Open Source, and leverages a community supported model. Nutanix welcomes Pull Requests and Issues, which will be reviewed on a best effort basis.

Popular repositories

  1. framework for emulating devices in userspace

    C 69 30

  2. Nutanix Calm Blueprints

    Python 64 84

  3. Terraform Nutanix Provider

    Go 62 90

  4. Centralized Repo for community driven Nutanix automation

    JavaScript 50 38

  5. Welcome to the official Nutanix home dedicated to running the OpenShift Container Platform on Nutanix. Here you'll find information and code to enable the best-in-class Hybrid Cloud experience usin…

    34 13

  6. calm-dsl Public

    Keep Calm and DSL On!

    Python 29 40


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