Automatic docker registry deployment via docker + let's encrypt
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Docker registry + automatic let's encrypt certificate

This project showcases automatic docker registry creation and deployment with automatic https (credits to ).

There is a modified version of lets-nginx/templates/vhost.sample.conf with added docker registry location v2 rules.

This registry uses basic auth, in this example file password_registry contains

  • username: demo
  • password: demo

Change this htpasswd with your user and password of choice ( useful link to generate pwd )

Registry browser

In this example we are using as UI to browse uploaded images into docker registry.

Start Registry

Make sure to have your registry.domain.tld A record pointing to your server ip address

Copy and customize .env and password_registry files

cp .env.example .env
cp password_registry_example password_registry

Start registry with:

docker-compose up -d

Demo install