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This wiki is the guide to get started with [Nutiteq] (http://www.nutiteq.com/) 3D maps SDK 2.x for Android.

Update announcement

This is a demo project for Nutiteq 3D Android mapping SDK 2.x version. It is for older Nutiteq SDK 2.x only, for the latest Nutiteq maps SDK 3.x for Android go to https://developer.nutiteq.com instead. For new app projects we suggest to start with 3.0 version now, not older version.

Nutiteq SDK 3.0 key new feature is vector-based OSM maps:

  • Smaller map downloads
  • Smaller offline map packages: download whole world with all details in 32 GB!
  • Styling selection in client side
  • Nice map rotation and tilting

Also SDK 3.0 supports iOS, has better performance for vector overlays etc.


  2. Get Started
  3. Nutiteq sample apps
  4. AdvancedLayers project - many advanced layers (vector, raster etc) are in separate library, add this to your project too.
  5. Common tasks - Recipes for Online/Offline Layers, Vector data, Routing, Geocoding, event handling, Labels, 3D, map data editing, performance fine-tuning etc
  6. Support and discussions
  7. License