Chrome Plugin that extends TFS/Visual Studio Team Chat
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Chrome Plugin that extends TFS/Visual Studio Team Chat (Online and On-premise)

List of features:

  • Popup notifications for messages
    • Link to enable notifications for your TFS site will be in the upper-right corner by your username.
  • Image embedding (jpg/png) by simply pasting the url
  • Animated GIF support (disabled by default)
  • Code Syntax Highlighting (using markdown's ``` var i = 0; ``` syntax)
  • YouTube embedding
  • Changeset referencing (by using ##cxxxx syntax, where xxxx is the changeset number. i.e. ##c1234 will change into a link stating "Changeset 1234" that will take you directly to the changeset info page)

You can configure specific features of the plugin by accessing the options page (File -> Settings -> Extensions -> the "options" link under "TFS Chat Extensions")

Version 0.1.5 7/28/2016:

Integrated patch requests from NikGovorov and aschwab related to issues w/ on-premise support. As I don't have access to an on-premise server, if you run into issues, please report them at:

Version 0.1.4 1/7/2016:

Integrated some bug fixes for on-premise instances.

Version 0.1.3 10/31/2015

Experimental On-premise support

As I don't have an on-premise server to test this on, that's why this is marked as experimental. The plugin will always remain in-line with the cloud-based chat service (with some exceptions), so the plugin is not guaranteed to work with on-premise instances. If it's something I can easily work around, I'll gladly add code to do so. If you find any issues, please report them to the Github issues page:

Capitalization fix for VSO team room

In 1.1.2, I introduced a fix to address variable capitalization changes in recent versions of the TFS Chat Room. With the new experimental on-premise support, I realized that most customers may not be running the latest version with the capitalization changes, so I added backwards compatibility.

Changeset identification

In version prior to 1.1.3, you could specify a changeset by using #c1234. As I found out quite a few times, url's like "" causes the URL to become " ontent". So, to identify changesets now, use ##c1234. Also, the URL's now open up in a new window/tab.

Version 0.1.2 10/29/2015

Integrated capitalization fixes for object names from Mike-999. (Sorry for how long this took...I no longer use TFS this plugin doesn't get maintained like it should.)

Version 0.1.1 6/18/2014

Removed old code for webkitNotifications, and implemented W3C Notification class. Link to enable notifications for your TFS site will be in the upper-right corner by your username.

Version 0.1.0 6/18/2014

Initial Release