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Blender Add-on: Screencast Keys

This is a blender add-on Screencast Keys to display the Keyboard/Mouse and Operation status.

Screencast Keys Thumbnail

Download / Installation

All released Screencast Keys add-on is availabled on Release Page.
If you want to try newest (unstable) version, you can download it from unstable version.

Installation process is a bit confusing.
See Document if you have any trouble to install this add-on.


Screencast Keys supports English only.
The features of this add-on are as follows.

  • Display Keyboard/Mouse status
  • Display Operation executed last time
  • Change area/region/window to display status


Introduction video is availabe on YouTube.

Note: This introduction video is created for v3.0. UI and features introduced in this video will be changed in the later release.

This document is updated to the newest release.
So, it is recommended to see Document to know details of this add-on.

Change Log


Bug report / Feature request / Disscussions

If you want to report bug, request features or discuss about this add-on, see

We provide the answers for the frequently asked questions. See these answers before making bug reports


If you want to contribute to this project, see

Project Authors



Indie Game/Application Developer.
Especially, I spend most time to improve Blender and Unreal Game Engine via providing the extensions.

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