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Nuun is a powerful and flexible inversion control micro-framework for building enterprise class stack.

Nuun brings a clean kernel/plugin design plus a JSR 330 compliant injection mechanism backed by Google Guice. It is designed to be compatible with the major injection frameworks (spring, guice for now, tapestry, picocontainer, jodd, etc to come ...). Nuun aims to be a future reference for enterprise application developement.

Nuun makes a clear separation between stack developers and business developers. Stack developers will define convention and high level technical aspects by creating plugins. Then business developers will be free from configuration and will be able to focus on business issues not technical issues.

Quick start

Get Nuun Kernel from Maven central

The easiest way to get Nuun using Maven is to add the following dependency to your pom.


Where ??? is the current version. See here for the last release.

Build it from source.

Clone the repo then install it with maven.

git clone
cd kernel
mvn clean install


See the current reference documentation.

Want to contribute ?

Contributions are welcome; please refer to our contributing guidelines.

To see our current work, take look at our board.

Copyright and license

Code is released under LGPLv3 license.


  • IOC : Inversion Of Control
  • DI : Dependency Injection


Nuun Kernel is an IOC component for creation of powerfull enterprise stack.




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