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NUWIT Website

This is the repo for the NU Women in Tech club website. It's hosted on the CCIS servers under


with the domain

Getting started

This site is built on a static site generator called Jekyll. So first, check out Jekyll's quick start guide and installation docs.

After you've installed Jekyll and all its dependences, open up a terminal window and then:

  1. git clone nuwit-website
  2. cd nuwit-website
  3. bundle install
  4. jekyll serve (this command watches for local changes automatically)
  5. Open up a browser and go to localhost:4000

At any point if you find yourself confused about any of the code, Jekyll docs and google are your best friends.


Step 1: Run jekyll build

(This will generate a fresh build of the project into the _site folder.)

There are several ways you can push files onto the CCIS server, but the easiest way is probably FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you haven't used an FTP client before, go ahead and download Filezilla or Cyberduck.

Under site manager, set up your connection to the CCIS server like so:

Step 2: Navigate to the CISters directory /net/www/ccs/groups/CISters

The easiest way to navigate to that directory is by copying and pasting that path into the remote site input like so:

Make sure you COPY AND PASTE the path, you won't be able to find the directory by clicking through the folders.

Step 3: Drag and drop the files from _site into the CISters directory

Important (!!!) If you drag and drop everything in your directory, you'll break the whole site. The correct files are ONLY the files in the _site directory


Since the site is hosted on the CCIS server, there are some hoops you may need to jump through in order to push things to the server for the first time. If at any point you find yourself not being able to change things on the server, you probably don't have the right permissions.

Go ahead and email and tell them you're on the NU WIT E-Board. They'll be able to give you the right permissions.

Also, for consistency, please use 2 spaces (NOT tabs, NOT 4 spaces) for indentation!!!