Toolkit for project prototyping by Nuxeo Presales team
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###IMPORTANT - 2014-07-09

All this package and its sub-addons are deprecated. Everything has been moved to nuxeo-labs

The names of the misc. operations have not been modified, so you can replace nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit with nuxeo-labs and your configuration will be ok: No need to change your Automation Chains using these operations.

Nuxeo Presales Prototyping Toolkit

Nuxeo Presales team are daily producing Prototypes for our future customers to help them to imagine what can easily be done with the Nuxeo Platform. But some features recurrently are needed and missing into the Nuxeo Platform.

So, into this toolkit for prototyping projects, we try to capitalize all developments produced.

These development are not recommended for Production platform as Nuxeo will not support usage of these development. This is a moving project (no API maintenance, no depreciation process, etc...). If some developments can be useful for the Nuxeo Platform according Tech Lead team, we will move these develoments into the next version of Nuxeo Platform.

Feel free to use it or let's be inspired for your own code.

  • nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit-operations: contains interesting operations about list management and an advanced email operation with an easier signature and cc/bcc/replyto configuration
  • nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit-we-publication: expose the publication as a cool webengine application
  • nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit-template-rendition-publisher: An Automation operation that enable to publish template rendition. You can use this operation with the plugin : nuxeo template rendering
  • nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit-video: An helper class (MediaInfoHelper) to call mediainfo -i on video blobs and parse the result.
  • nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit-images: creates converters to images (PNG, add overlay...)
  • nuxeo-presales-prototyping-toolkit-fancybox: helpers which make it super simple to display a form in a fancybox and pass the values to an automation chain.
  • resources are free to use resources for your Studio project (icons, background image, etc...)