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About nuxeo-cm-demo-utils

A plug-in for the Case Management demo (cm.cloud.nuxeo.com)

List of Features (Details below)

Weather History

This operation receives the name of a city and a date, and fills a specific field of the current document with weather informations.

This is an example, a Proof Of Concept, to be run with Nuxeo's InsuranceClaim demo. The purpose is to give an example of calling an external service from the server. Here, we get the weather, but it shows how you could get any information from any service. Typical example would be to retrieve data from another application, running in the same system: Get a person information, get a contract information, ...


  • This is a typical POC demo. We don't do a lot of error-check here, to let the code as much readable as possible: No check on the JSON nodes, no check if the schema is valid, ...

  • Also: We update a specific field in a specific schema, and then we save the document

    => Current document must have the incl schema and the incl:incident_weather String field

  • Fill the Bing and Forecast.io keys with your own keys in nuxeo.conf. You need to add two entries in nuxeo.conf:

    demo.weatherhistory.forecastio.key=YOUR forecast.io KEY HERE
    demo.weatherhistory.bing.key=YOUR Bing KEY HERE 

    Getting a code from these services is easy and free, as of "today", 2013-11-25

    => The operation throws an error if no keys are found.

Polymer Dashboard

This dashboard displays quick stats about InsuranceClaim documents that are in the current Queue document. It displays the stats by comparying the ìncl:due_date field with the current date:

  • "Past due": % of not-completed claims whose due_date > today
  • "on Schedule": % of not completed claims whose due_date >= today
  • "Done": % of completed claims (whatever the due_date)

IMPORTANT #1: The dashboard is displayed using a .xhtml widget template, which is displayed (in the Studio configuraiton) in a Tab, for a Queue document. It will work only in this context, since it is using fields of the current Queue document to query the claims.

IMPORTANT #2: Because it uses "today", "now", make sure you have updated the demo data (see "Update Demo Data"), or you will have only "Past due" or "Completed" elements.

The .xhtml file uses a Polymer element defined in the nuxeo-cm-demo-elements plug-in.

Update Demo Data

The plug-in has a class (and an Operation, usable in Studio, which calls this class) which:

  • Updates all the existing claims: Change their creation date, creation user, modification info, due_date, etc., so the data looks recent. WARNING: Title and claim-id are changed, since it uses the date of the case and the code makes it more recent.
  • Creates a claim with more information, and updates its lifecycle state to DecisionMade, so it is usable with the Template Rendering plug-in.


Build Status

Note: This project expects specific schemas to be implemented in your solution and depends on the Studio project deployed on cm.cloud.nuxeo.com => If you plan to use it (and not just look at the code) then make sure your own projects have the same schemas and fields (InsuranceClaim schema with expected lifecycle states, ...)

Assuming maven is correctly setup on your computer:

First build the nuxeo-datademo plug-in. Then build the nuxeo-cm-demo-utils package.

cd /path/to/nuxeo-cm-demo-utils
mvn package

The plug-in will be placed at is in nuxeo-cm-demo-mp/target/, named nuxeo-cm-demo-utils-{version}.zip


These features are not part of the Nuxeo Production platform.

These solutions are provided for inspiration and we encourage customers to use them as code samples and learning resources.

This is a moving project (no API maintenance, no deprecation process, etc.) If any of these solutions are found to be useful for the Nuxeo Platform in general, they will be integrated directly into platform, not maintained here.


Apache License, Version 2.0

About Nuxeo

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