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FunkLoad to do list

If you want to report a bug or if you think that something is missing, See the reporting section.

Current target release is 1.15.0


Matplotlib integration

Add a param to join to next request action

Joining distinct requests into a single page/action:

self.get(url, description=”foo”, join_with_next_req=True) self.get(url2)

url2 is reported as being on the same page as url, there is no thinktime pause between the 2 requests.

Finish funkload.metadata impl

fl-buil-report should render the funkload.metadata file if present

Produce gplot script with commented extended options

  • explain how to have small label on trend reports export GDFONTPATH=/usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont set label “Some comment” at 2,51,1 rotate by 45 front font ‘FreeSans,6’
  • ex of eps output

Add unit test on request

using simple file req/resp as tcpwatch + minimal fake web server.

Provide new sysstat monitoring plugin

Provide csv monitoring plugin

make the same charts than in logchart

Add common utils

  • extractToken(buffer, start, stop, maxlen=-1)
  • getRandomLineInFile()
  • assertAndDump() dump getBody on failure

Improve report failure section

Add an error section with:

  • http failure:
    • sort by page|req|code
    • display a link to the returned page if any
  • Assertion error:
    • sort by traceback

Look at what can be done with perfbase


Patch cookie lib

The cookie lib is too restrictive, try to merge the refactoring done by Google: Added: [2010-11-18 jeu. 14:23

Produce valid xml test result

the root element is missing

org-mode configuration

to be defined
doable implementation to be done…
task started
requires information to be processed
for the current release
post pone to the next release