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Documentation Content



See the main project requirements as well as the authoring requirements.


Clone the repository to your local machine (and remember where it's saved :)), using your favorite git client or the command line:

git lfs clone
git lfs install
git reset --hard

Run Locally

npm run dev

Refer to the authoring instrutions for further details. Hint: append /nxdoc or /userdoc to the URL.

Change browser

To change the from the default browser.

Project Structure


Any files in this directory will be copied to ./site/assets and can be referenced in html and templates.


The main build script for generating the output for site.


Site configurations, ability to have production or development specific values.


Generated output of the site. This is what will be served in production.


Source Markdown and HTML files for content. Read the page about writing documentation, markdown and handlebars


Verification tests specific to this repository ost building.

Trouble shooting

See main project trouble shooting.