Parse Galting simulation.log files to output CSV stats or build HTML reports with Plotly charts.
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About Gatling report

This is a reporting tool that parses Galting result files (aka simulation.log) and creates HTML reports with Plotly charts or CSV output.

gatling-report examples

A report is a single standalone html file, here are some examples:



Take the latest jar from nexus.

Building from sources

Create the all in one jar:

    mvn package

The jar file that include all its dependencies is located here:




    java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar -h

Output CSV stats

The following command will output to stdout a CSV with stats per request.

    java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar path/to/simulation.log
    scenario        request start   startDate       duration        end     count   successCount    errorCount      min     p50     p95     p99     max     avg     stddev  rps	apdex	rating
    sim50bench      _all    1446578664151   2015-11-03 20:24:24     62.16   1446578726313   2397    2397    0       0       10      598     940     1938    104.40  205     38.56	0.88	Good
    sim50bench      Logout  1446578664151   2015-11-03 20:24:24     62.16   1446578725039   21      21      0       1       2       15      17      17      2.38    3       0.34	1.00	Excellent
Header  Description
scenario Name of the scenario in the simulation
request  Name of the request, _all is the total of all requests in the simulation
start start timestamp of the simulation
startDate start date of the simulation
duration duration of the simulation
end last request timestamp
count total number of request
successCount number of requests with the OK status
errorCount number of requets with the KO status
min minimum elapsed duration for the request
p50, p95, p99 percentile 50, 95 and 99
avg average
stddev standard deviation
rps average request per second for the simulation duration
apdex Apdex score converts many measurements into one number on a uniform scale of 0-to-1
rating Apdex rating

You can also submit multiple simulation files, the output will concatenate stats.

    java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar path/to/simulation.log [path/to/simulation2.log ...]

You can also submit gzipped simulation files:

    java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar path/to/simulation.log.gz

Generate HTML report with Plotly charts

When using the -o REPORT_PATH option a report is generated.

When submitting a single simulation file it creates a simulation report:

   java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar path/to/simulation.log.gz -o /path/to/report/directory

When submitting two simulations files it creates a differential report:

   java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar path/to/ref/simulation.log.gz path/to/challenger/simuation2.log -o /path/to/report/directory

When submitting more than two simulations files it creates a trend report.

Customizing the report

You can use your own mustache template to customize the report:

    java -jar path/to/gatling-report-VERSION-capsule-fat.jar --template /my/template.mustache path/to/ref/simulation.log.gz -o /path/to/report/directory

Take example to the default templates located in src/main/resources.

Note that Plotly charts can be edited online.


It has been tested successfully with default Gatling 2.3.1, 2.1.7 and 3.x simulation.log format.

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