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About nuxeo-apidoc-server

This modules provides an API to browse the Nuxeo distribution tree :

- BundleGroup (maven group or artificial grouping)
  - Bundle
    - Component
      - Service
      - Extension Points
      - Contributions

The Nuxeo Distribution can be :

  • live : in memory (meaning runtime introspection)
  • persisted : saved in Nuxeo Repository as a tree of Documents

In addition a DocumentationService is provided to be able to :

  • extract Documentation that is built-in Nuxeo Runtime descriptors
  • extract Documentation that may be embedded inside the jar
  • add some use documentation (How to, Code samples ...)

What it can be used for

  • browse you distribution and write some documentation
  • check that a given contribution is deployed
  • play with Nuxeo Runtime


  • Enable the site mode with a more user friendly design
  • org.nuxeo.apidoc.hide.current.distribution: Hide current distribution from the distribution listing
  • org.nuxeo.apidoc.hide.seam.components: Hide Seam components introspection


This plugin is composed of 2 bundles :

  • nuxeo-apidoc-core : for the low level API
  • nuxeo-apidoc-webengine : for JAX-RS API and Webview