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Nuxeo Dev Tools

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This project puts some of the more commonly performed actions in the Nuxeo Platform at the administrator's fingertips in a convenient popup window.

Features include:

  • Hot Reload on related Studio project
  • Link to Studio project
  • Link to Automation Documentation
  • Restart server
  • Rebuild Elasticsearch Index
  • Connect to API Playground
  • Toggle Automation Call Tracing
  • Useful Links menu
  • Document Search (search with path, GUID, file name or NXQL query)
    • Click on search results to navigate to document or on export to export JSON
  • One-click JSON export of document in current active tab
  • Chrome Omnibox
    • Chrome users can access the Nuxeo omnibox by entering keyword nx in the URL box, then TAB.
    • Entering the correct path or GUID of an existing document will open the document JSON in a separate tab.
    • Entering text will perform a full-text search or you can enter an NXQL query.
    • Searches return the first 5 results in a dropdown window from the omnibox.
  • Link to our Customer Feedback Portal from the About page. You can vote for requested features or even suggest your own, anonymously if you wish.



  • Nuxeo 8.2 +


  • Multiple Nuxeo projects are not supported.
  • The extension is only active when a Nuxeo instance is in the current active tab.
  • The Hot Reload and Go To Studio buttons are only active when a Studio project is associated with the current Nuxeo server.
  • You must also have Administrator access and have Dev Mode activated.
  • CORS config must be activated in your Nuxeo server to connect to your repository on API Playground.
  • Certain features in the Firefox addon won't work and will cause server errors with Nuxeo FT 10.1.


$ git clone
$ cd nuxeo-browser-extension
$ npm install
$ gulp build:<browser>
# or
$ npm run build


$ npm install
$ npm run test

To run isolated test scenarios, add the @watch tag to the relevant scenarios and run:

$ npm run test-watch

...or build and run with Maven:

$ mvn clean verify -f ftest/pom.xml

Contributing / Reporting issues

Create a ticket with a description of your bug on JIRA.

Please tell us your suggestions for the Dev Tools extension, or any ideas for features that you'd like to see.


Apache License, Version 2.0

About Nuxeo

The Nuxeo Platform is an open source customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications. It provides the foundation for developing document management, digital asset management, case management application and knowledge management. You can easily add features using ready-to-use addons or by extending the platform using its extension point system.

The Nuxeo Platform is developed and supported by Nuxeo, with contributions from the community.

Nuxeo dramatically improves how content-based applications are built, managed and deployed, making customers more agile, innovative and successful. Nuxeo provides a next generation, enterprise ready platform for building traditional and cutting-edge content oriented applications. Combining a powerful application development environment with SaaS-based tools and a modular architecture, the Nuxeo Platform and Products provide clear business value to some of the most recognizable brands including Verizon, Electronic Arts, Sharp, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Boeing. Nuxeo is headquartered in New York and Paris.

More information is available at