Nuxeo addon for managing and generating Jenkins reports
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Nuxeo Jenkins Report

This module allows you to save reports about Jenkins status in Nuxeo.


You can create "Jenkins Reports Container" documents. Each container is bound to a Jenkins view so that build status can be retrieved from the list of jobs configured on this view. It can also hold an optional "duty planning" in case you'd like to take turns monitoring the build status.

Inside a container, you can create "Jenkins Report" documents, offering status, claim, additional comments, etc... on failing builds. The creation form is prefilled with most common information. The build status can be retrieved using the Jenkins json API: for each failing job on this view, more information is retrieved from this job last build, and added as a metadata to the report. The number of previously failing jobs has to be filled by hand for now, and the current number of failing jobs is computed, displaying a trend for this report.

The Market Place package is containing:

  • a Studio project, called nuxeo-jenkins-report, defining document types and form-related features in Nuxeo Studio.
  • a Nuxeo plugin, called nuxeo-jenkins-report-web, with a Seam component that will convert Jenkins json API response data into the Nuxeo document typology.



$ mvn clean install


Upload the generated Market Place package in the Nuxeo Update Center.

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