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This plugin provides helpers which make it super simple to display a form in a fancybox and pass the values to an automation chain.


This plugins is to be used only within the JSF UI.

Dialogs are very easy to display in the new WebUI (that uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebComponents) and don't require to install a plug-in: They can be configured in Nuxeo Studio.

Using the plugin

Displaying a form in a fancybox is as simple as adding a new action button. Check the provided sample.

The value entered in the form by the user are available as a context variable in the automation chain: Context["data"] This variable is an instance of the DocumentModel interface.

This project is not unit-tested, please use with care

#Known limitations If the automation chain bound to the fancybox contains a "Download File" operation, the fancybox won't be closed automatically at the end of the process