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Nuxeo Reindex Fulltext

This is a simple plugin used to launch a full reindexing of the fulltext of a Nuxeo repository.

Reindexing the fulltext is useful/needed if:

  • you have changed your database fulltext analyzer configuration, for instance from English to French,
  • you previously did document modifications with fulltext disabled, for instance during a mass import,
  • you have changed the available converters, for instance so that new kinds of attached files can be converted to text,
  • you have upgraded to Nuxeo 5.5 with PostgreSQL and followed this migration procedure.



batchSize: the batch size (number of documents per transaction). The default batch size is 100.

batch: if specified, only this specific batch will be processed. Batch numbers start at 1.

nxrepository: if specified, the name of repository to reindex. The default repository is "default".

When finished, the HTTP URL returns:

done: 14 total: 14 batch_errors: 0


If there is a HTTP timeout the processing will still continue on the server.

You can follow the progress in the logs, at WARN level:

Reindexing starting
Reindexing of 14 documents, batch size: 5, number of batches: 3
Reindexing batch 1/3, first id: 159c64de-73ba-4d9e-a014-ff8ff4800d91
Reindexing batch 2/3, first id: 7908cc07-8206-49fc-afbe-6d368f3226e9
Reindexing batch 3/3, first id: d9686eef-b288-4d77-baf6-2ad7e4dd3ccf
Reindexing done

Any errors in a batch will be logged and the transaction for this batch rolled back, but the subsequent batches will be processed.

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo provides a modular, extensible Java-based [open source software platform for enterprise content management] 1 and packaged applications for [document management] 2, [digital asset management] 3 and [case management] 4. Designed by developers for developers, the Nuxeo platform offers a modern architecture, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities for building content applications.

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