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Automation Script utilities


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Miscellaneous utilities to be used with JS Automation.


Look at the script you need and copy/paste it in your Studio project. The comments in the "header" explain how to use it.

  • Make sure to set the input and the output of your script as expected in the comments.
  • Don't forget to explicitly declare the parameter(s). They also are described in the comments.
Automation Scripting Description
utils_FollowTransitionIfPossible FollowLifecycleTransition throws an error if the Document is in a state that does not allow following the transition. When bulk updating a list of documents, we may want to avoid that
utils_getUserFullName Receives as input a user ID, returns a string, the full name (firstname + " " + lastname)
utils_LockDocument Lock the input doc if it was not already locked (avoid a NuxeoException)
utils_PictureGetView Set ctx.pictureView Context Variable to the PictureView object, whose title is passed in the viewName parameter (null if not found)
utils_SetLifleCycleState Used mainly when setting up some data (typically demo data)
utils_UnlockDocument Unlock the input doc if it was not already unlocked (avoid a NuxeoException)


Studio Modeler

Create the automation script(s) and copy the content from the original(s). You can of course change the names to fit your naming convention.


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