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Comment Indexing



This module enables you to index the document comments.


Comment a document and search for the comment author and the comment content.


Studio Modeler

  • Create a schema called commentsforindex, with cfi as prefix.
    • Create the comments property, of type Complex, set as multi-valued:
      • Create a sub-field called user of type User / Group, with restriction to get only users
      • Create a sub-field called comment of type String
  • Add the schema to the document type which comments should be indexed
  • Declare a new core event in Settings > Registries > Core Events with the following code:
  "events": {
    "commentAdded": "Comment Added",
    "commentRemoved": "Comment Removed"
  • Create an automation scripting called AS_Comment_AddedOrRemoved with the content of Comment_AddedOrRemoved.js (input: void, output: void).
  • Add the EH_AS_Comment_AddedOrRemoved event handler to execute the automation scripting when a comment is added or removed:
    • Events: Comment Added and Comment Removed
    • No specific filters
    • Associated chain or script: javascript.AS_Comment_AddedOrRemoved
  • Create a page provider to search for the cfi:user and cfi:comment property.

Studio Designer

Create a search form, a result layout and a drawer item to display the search within Nuxeo Web UI.

Issues and Limitations

It would be nice to update the Elasticsearch mapping to perform fulltext search on the comment content.

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