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Designer Tips and Tricks


Table Of Content


  • Web UI installed


This module helps you to tune the default element scaffolded by Studio Designer.


Switch to code on the layouts and elements in Studio Designer and adapt the code to your needs.

Studio Designer Contributions

Update the children document listing in the View tab of folderish documents.

Typically, if you need to update the default document listing on the "View" tab with properties from your custom document type.

  1. Create a page provider, and add the ecm:parentId as predicate with the = operator.
  2. Generate the corresponding result listing in Designer.
  3. Adapt the column which needs to appear on your listing. ℹ️ If you're using suggestion elements, remove the label attribute from the listing so that they are not doubled
  4. Add the nuxeo-page-provider element in your result layout (by switching in code view), update the provider parameter with the one you created in "1." add the necessary schemas:
<nuxeo-page-provider id="nxProvider"
                         provider="nxProvider"                  // TO BE UPDATED
                         enrichers="thumbnail, permissions"
                         schemas="dublincore,common,uid"        // TO BE COMPLETED
                         headers='{"X-NXfetch.document": "properties", "X-NXtranslate.directoryEntry": "label"}'
  1. Add the following section of the Polymer part of the same document
ready: function() {
      this.nxProvider = this.$.nxProvider; // <============== this is important
    _computeParams: function (document) {
      return document ? {system_parentId: this.document.uid} : {};

  1. Go to your view layout of your folderish document. Generate the view layout and remove everything between </style> and </template>
  2. Add manually your result element. Donc forget to add the document="[[document]]" attribute to the result layout, and import the alement in your layout <link rel="import" href="../../search/<page_provider_name>/nuxeo-<page_provider_name>-search-results.html">

Create a table with two columns

<div style="width:100%;margin-top: 10px;">
     <div style="float: left;width:50%;vertical-align: text-top;">
     <div style="float: right;width:50%;vertical-align: text-top;">

Position several Nuxeo elements in the same row

<div class="layout horizontal flex">

Without forgetting to update the <style> line with <style include="iron-flex iron-flex-alignment">

Get property name and property value on the same row (as the nuxeo-document-info section)

  1. Add in the <style> section:
      .properties label {
        min-width: 10em;
        overflow: hidden;
        text-overflow: ellipsis;
      .item {
        @apply --layout-horizontal;
        @apply --layout-flex;
        line-height: 2.2rem;
        font-size: 12px;
      .properties div {
        min-width: 50em;
  1. Add your properties in your layout like
<h3>MY SECTION</h3>
<div class="properties">    
      <div class="item">
        <label>My first property</label>
      <div class="item">
        <label>My second property</label>

Put a header

<div style="margin-top: 20px;margin-bottom: 20px;background-color: #F2F2F2;">

CSS properties to update when creating a new theme

  • Extract HTML corporate colors from a picture, like with
  • Use to get colour derivatives.
  • Apply main color on --nuxeo-primary-color. Eventually apply the same main color on --nuxeo-sidebar-background.
  • Apply a darker color from the previous one on --nuxeo-secondary-color and --paper-spinner-layer-3-color.
  • Update the default font like (--nuxeo-app-font: 'Arial', Helvetica, sans-serif;)

Update creation and edition screen size

Add to your theme the following CSS variables:


Set height to nuxeo-data-table

By default, the <nuxeo-data-table> element has a fixed height. To make it dynamic, add these CSS contribution into the <style> tag.

            nuxeo-data-list {
                display: block;
                position: relative;
                min-height: calc(100vh - 130px - var(--nuxeo-app-top));

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