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Custom Document Suggestion

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  • Nuxeo Web UI


This module helps you build a custom display for your nuxeo-document-suggestion element, thanks to the resultFormatter element attribute.


Customize the document suggestion in any web element and the user will have a rich suggestion instead of having document path suggestions.


We will illustrate the installation through an example, with a Document property displaying the chosen image to apply for watermark on the current document.

Studio Modeler

  • Create a custom page provider to list the document which should appear in your suggestion element.
    • VideoUtils_Watermark_PageProvider
  • Create a property of type Document in the schema definition if needed.
    • No the case here in this example

Studio Designer

  • Switch to code on the layout / element which uses the property (converted in nuxeo-document-suggestion).
  • Edit the element according to your needs
                    enrichers="thumbnail" // Make sure your suggestor returns thumbnails
                    value="{{XXXX}}" // YOUR DOCUMENT PROPERTY (ex:["mycustomschema:watermark"])
                    page-provider="VideoUtils_Watermark_PageProvider" // Link to the page provider we've defined before
                    result-formatter="[[thumbnailFormatter]]" // Formatter used to create the custom display (HTML)
  • Update the default behaviors: The Select2Behavior is required to use escapeHTML().
      is: 'video-watermark',
      behaviors: [Nuxeo.LayoutBehavior, Nuxeo.Select2Behavior],

Bind the formatter to a property in your element:

properties: {

  thumbnailFormatter: {
    type: Function,
    value: function() {
      return this._thumbnailFormatter.bind(this);
  • Create a function for a selected entry of the Formatter.
         * Formatter for a selected entry.
        watermarkResultFormatter: {
          type: Function,
          value: function() {
            return this._watermarkResultFormatter.bind(this);
  • Create the Formatter logic and UI:
_thumbnailFormatter: function(doc) {

  if (doc && && doc.contextParameters && doc.contextParameters.thumbnail) {

    // These values are used in the second row
    var lable1 = "Type";
    var value1 = doc.type;

    var lable2 = "State";
    var value2 = doc.state;

    var lable3 = "Version";
    var value3 =["uid:major_version"] + "." +["uid:minor_version"];

    var markup = "";

    markup += "<table width='100%'><tbody>";
    markup += "<tr>";
    // Thumbnail
    markup += "<td width='100px' style='text-align: center'>";
    markup += "<img src='" + doc.contextParameters.thumbnail.url + "' style='max-width: 100px; max-height=25px;' >";
    markup += "</td>";
    // Details
    markup += "<td>";
    // First Row
    markup += "<div style='margin-left:15px'><span style='font-weight: bold; font-size: large'>";
    markup += doc.title + "</span>";
    // Second Row
    markup += "<br /> <span style='font-weight: bold;'>" + lable1 + ":</span> " + value1;
    markup += " <span style='font-weight: bold;margin-left:15px;'>" + lable2 + ":</span> " + value2;
    markup += " <span style='font-weight: bold;margin-left:15px;'>" + lable3 + ":</span> " + value3;
    // Third Row
    markup += "<br /> <span style='font-weight: bold;'>Path:</span> " + doc.path;
    markup += "</div>";
    markup += "</td>";
    markup += "</tr>";
    markup += "</tbody></table>";

    return markup;

:information_note: You can alternatively use the operation attribute of the suggestion element if you don't want to use a page provider: just create an automation which lists the documents you need to fetch, with Repository.Query operation, and use the operation="my_operation_id instead of the page-provider="VideoUtils_Watermark_PageProvider attribute.

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