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QR Code

QR Code



This module allows you to generate a QR Code when a document is created in the platform. The QR Code points to the main file (i.e. file:content) by default.


  • Drag and drop a file
  • Scan the QR code from the metadata layout
  • Authenticate and download the file


Studio Modeler

  • Create a blob property to store the QR Code. In this example, we've imported the File document type with the DM External Template and create a property from its type schema file_schema:qrcode
  • Create an automation scripting with the content of AS_GenerateQRCode.js, with input as Document and output as blob
  • Create an event handler on the Document Created event to execute the previous automation scripting

Studio Designer

  • Insert the Nuxeo previewer in the document type layout
<nuxeo-document-preview document="[[document]]" xpath="file_schema:qrcode"></nuxeo-document-preview>


  • You can choose to store the QR Code in any document property

Documentation Links

Issues and Limitations

  • You cannot use the Document URL instead of the File URL because of the # character: even if it is encoded in the automation scripting, it is not decoded on Google side, building an incorrect URL
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