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nuxeo-related-documents.png Related documents Aug 19, 2019

Related Documents

Related Documents


  • Nuxeo Web UI


This modules includes elements to list, add and remove document relations. It handles:

  • Outgoing and Incoming relations
  • Relations Type


Integrate <nuxeo-se-document-relations document="[[document]]"></nuxeo-se-document-relations> element in the view layout of your document type.


Studio Modeler

  • Create in the following automation scripting
    • getAllRelations.js

Studio Designer

  • Create a related-documents folder under the UI folder
  • Import nuxeo-se-add-relation-dialog.html, nuxeo-se-document-relations.html, nuxeo-se-remove-relation-button.html in the related-documents folder.
  • Add the references in nuxeo-[project-name]-custom-bundle.html : <link rel="import" href="related-documents/nuxeo-se-add-relation-dialog.html"> <link rel="import" href="related-documents/nuxeo-se-document-relations.html"> <link rel="import" href="related-documents/nuxeo-se-remove-relation-button.html">
  • Create a new default translation file (messages.json), and add the entries of /designer/mesages.json without including the {}

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