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Social Security Number Display



Elements that show/hide the value of a field holding a social security number.


Elements that show/hide the value of a field holding a social security number:

  • In a read layout, use nuxeo-se-ssn-read:

    • The value is obfuscated (********* instead of the clear value)
    • A button allows for toggling the display (display the value or the "*")
      • Once displayed, it automatically hides the value after 8 seconds
    • administrators and users members of allowedGroups can see the widget. Others see nothing (not even ******)
  • In an edit layout, use nuxeo-se-ssn-edit:

    • The inoput type is password by default
    • A button allows for toggling the type to text


Studio Designer

  • Install the content in the ui folder as Resources in Designer
  • Import it in the custom bundle generated by Designer (nuxeo-{YOUR_PROJECT_ID}-custom-bundle.html). For example, if you dropped the ssn folder in ui, add the following line to the bundle:
<link rel="import" href="ssn/nuxeo-se-ssn-read.html">
<link rel="import" href="ssn/nuxeo-se-ssn-edit">


Just use the element and its required attributes: document and ssnField. To allow non admin users to see the value, also use allowedGroups. The later must be passed as JSON, which means double quotes inside, single quote outside:

. . . other elements and widgets . . .

<nuxeo-se-ssn-read document="[[document]]"

. . . other elements and widgets . . .

For nuxeo-se-ssn-read, an optional hide-after property can be set: The number of seconds to wait before hidding the value once it is showed (default value is 8 seconds)

⚠️ WARNING When using the edit element, the caller must use the double binding notation to the document, {{document}}, to allow the document object to be modified in the parent element:

. . . other elements and widgets . . .

<nuxeo-se-ssn-edit document="{{document}}"

. . .

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