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Workflow Status


Module Description

Module to monitor workflow instances status displayed in the "Analytics" area of Web UI.

ℹ️ There is currently no data generation so this will only display real, running workflow tasks.


As a Nuxeo Administrator, navigate to Admin -> Analytics -> Workflow Status.


Studio Modeler

  • Install WORKFLOW_STATUS.xml as an XML Extension.
  • Install the script in the automation folder as an Automation Script.
  • Create a Page Provider for workflow tasks:
    • id: workflow-status.
    • filter: ecm:currentLifeCycleState = 'opened' AND ecm:primaryType = 'RoutingTask'.
    • ⚠️ delete the default filter, only use the above values.

Studio Designer

  • Install the content in the ui folder as Resources in Designer (including the subfolders).

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