Ongoing work to build a new Nuxeo Web UI
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Nuxeo Web UI

Ongoing work to build a new Nuxeo Web UI. See demo.

Getting Started

Install dependencies

npm install -g gulp bower && npm install && bower install

Development workflow

Serve / watch

gulp serve

This outputs an IP address you can use to locally test and another that can be used on devices connected to your network.

Run tests

gulp test:local

This runs the unit tests defined in the app/test directory through web-component-tester.

Build & Vulcanize


Build and optimize the current project, ready for deployment. This includes linting as well as vulcanization, image, script, stylesheet and HTML optimization and minification.


Apache License, Version 2.0

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo dramatically improves how content-based applications are built, managed and deployed, making customers more agile, innovative and successful. Nuxeo provides a next generation, enterprise ready platform for building traditional and cutting-edge content oriented applications. Combining a powerful application development environment with SaaS-based tools and a modular architecture, the Nuxeo Platform and Products provide clear business value to some of the most recognizable brands including Verizon, Electronic Arts, Sharp, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Boeing. Nuxeo is headquartered in New York and Paris. More information is available at