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Nuxeo Web UI


Nuxeo Web UI is a standard base web application for Nuxeo Platform. It is highly customizable and scalable, developed with Polymer and leveraging nuxeo-elements, our library of custom elements.

Install dependencies

npm install

Note: This version of Nuxeo Web UI requires node version >=10.23.0 <15.0.0.

Development workflow


For convenience you should create an .env file to set default environment variables:

cp .env.sample .env

Environment variables

Variable Used by Description Default
NUXEO_PACKAGES Webpack, Docker (Nuxeo) List of packages to enable for Web UI and Nuxeo
NUXEO_URL Webpack URL used to connect to Nuxeo server from Web UI /nuxeo
NUXEO_HOST Webpack Nuxeo host address to proxy calls from the dev server localhost:8080
NUXEO_WEB_UI_VERSION Docker compose Version of Web UI image to build /start
NUXEO_VERSION Docker compose Version of Nuxeo server to launch

Serve / watch

npm run start

This makes the Web UI available on to locally test. A nuxeo platform is expected to run on To configure CORS, we need to add the following line to nuxeo.conf file in our Nuxeo Server:


Run tests

The following commands can be run in order to run tests against Web UI.

Unit Tests
npm run test
Functional Tests
npm run ftest

Build & Vulcanize

npm run build

Build and optimize the current project, ready for deployment. This includes linting as well as vulcanization, image, script, stylesheet and HTML optimization and minification.

Run with Docker Compose

After building the project with npm run build you can try a Docker compose based deployment with:

docker-compose up --build

This builds the nuxeo-web-ui Docker image and starts the Docker compose cluster.

Web UI will then be available at http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/ui

Production workflow

Marketplace package

mvn clean install

This will build the plugin/web-ui/marketplace/target/nuxeo-web-ui-marketplace-${project.version}.zip Web UI marketplace to be deployed in a nuxeo server.

mvn clean install -Pftest

This also builds the marketplace running the functionnal tests.

CI using Github Actions

At the moment, CI for Nuxeo Web UI is built on top of Github Actions. We currently provide worflow definitions for building and testing Nuxeo Web UI, to setup preview environments for pull requests, and to promote new releases.

Although there are no cross-repo support for building and testing Nuxeo Web UI with nuxeo-elements, preview environments are setup with cross-repo support. To this extent, in pull requests annotated with the tag preview, the workflow will lookup for a corresponding branch with the same name in nuxeo-elements repo, and use it in the preview instance.


Apache License, Version 2.0

(C) Copyright Nuxeo Corp. (

All images, icons, fonts, and videos contained in this folder are copyrighted by Nuxeo, all rights reserved.

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo dramatically improves how content-based applications are built, managed and deployed, making customers more agile, innovative and successful. Nuxeo provides a next generation, enterprise ready platform for building traditional and cutting-edge content oriented applications. Combining a powerful application development environment with SaaS-based tools and a modular architecture, the Nuxeo Platform and Products provide clear business value to some of the most recognizable brands including Verizon, Electronic Arts, Sharp, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Boeing. Nuxeo is headquartered in New York and Paris. More information is available at