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What is the Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository (ECR)?

ECR is a platform to build rich content applications. You can use ECR to develop any type of application that needs to manage structured (or unstructured) content and expose this content to the world using the interface of your choice (web apps, REST APIs, CMIS, or native Java API for embeddable applications).

ECR provides a rich set of services on top of content storage, such as: versioning, access control, REST bindings and also an easy way to create web apps or REST services to expose your content to your users and other applications.

After reading the introduction to the main ECR concepts, starting with Extension Points, you can start playing with the repository by using the ECR Shell application. Then you may want to go deeper into ECR and write your first ECR plugin. For doing this take a look to the Developer Guide and the Examples page.


  1. Overview of the main concepts
    1. Extension Points
    2. Components
    3. Services
    4. Configuration
    5. Content Repository
    6. Authentication
    7. Content Automation
    8. Web Applications
  2. Installing ECR
  3. ECR Shell
  4. Developer Guide
    1. Creating a plugin
    2. Creating a document type
    3. Working with documents
    4. Creating Web applications
    5. Working with automation
  5. Packaging
  6. Examples
    1. Hello World Plugin introduces how to create a new ECR web site.
    2. Web Templates introduces how to create dynamic web content on top of ECR.
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