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Nuxeo Website Components

Please use EditorConfig plugin for your code editor/IDE.

Helpful reference for styles

Using the package

Include with npm

Add the following in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
    "nuxeo-website-styles": "nuxeo/website-styles#v1.0.1",

SCSS components

Add path to SCSS compiler

In compiling the SCSS you need to include the path --include-path ./node_modules/nuxeo-website-styles/scss/ e.g. npm scripts

"build_css": "node-sass --source-map true --source-map-contents --include-path ./client/scss/ --include-path ./node_modules/nuxeo-website-styles/scss/ --output-style compressed --output ./client/css/ ./client/scss/"

Include styles

In SCSS import and include the appropriate styles:

@import 'nuxeo_styles';

@include 'nuxeo-base-styles';
@include 'nuxeo-typography';

Polymer elements

Copy elements

Copy elements into some assets location in your project e.g. npm scripts

"postcopy_assets": "cp -r node_modules/nuxeo-website-styles/satellite/latest/* ./site/assets/"

Include elements

In the header include the elements e.g.

<script src="/assets/js/webcomponents-lite.min.js"></script>
<link rel="import" href="/assets/" />

Usage without Node

In the header of your page:

<!-- 0. Include Nuxeo Font. -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" media="screen" title="Nuxeo Font">

<!-- 1. Load webcomponents-lite.min.js for polyfill support. -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

<!-- 2. Use an HTML Import to bring in some elements. -->
<link rel="import" href="">

Available mixins

Mixin name Description
nuxeo-base Base styles required
nuxeo-typography Standard typography styles
nuxeo-codeblock Codeblock with HighlightJS styling and copy button

Available elements

Element Description Parameters Sub elements Sub element parameters
<nuxeo-header></nuxeo-header> Nuxeo standard header show-nuxeo-menu: if set to true show corporate website menu <nuxeo-banner></nuxeo-banner>
background-id: the background image id to use (currently only "1")
title: the title to display (h1)
site-name: the site name
site-url: the homepage URL
menu-items: menu items to display on the left
menu-items-right: menu items to display on the right (not visible on mobile version)
<nuxeo-footer></nuxeo-footer> Nuxeo standard footer year: the year to display
show-license: if set to true show CC Licence logo
footer-items: footer link items to display

Standard usage

See Usage example setup.




<nuxeo-footer year="2018" show-license="true"></nuxeo-footer>

Development (Local)


To install on mac:

  • install homebrew (
  • run brew update
  • use brew to install (or use upgrade if you have already some installed):
brew install git nodejs libsass


Clone the repository to your local machine, using your favourite Git client or the command line:

git clone
cd website-styles

Run Locally

npm run dev

Change browser

The broswer defaults to chromium-browser but can be changed with the following command and then locally as usual.

npm config set Nuxeo-website:browser firefox


Please keep the available mixins table and available elements table up to date if you add or amend mixins and/or elements.

Releasing changes

This module is used via npm, please bump the version when changes are made.

Node packages follow Semantic Versioning (SemVer), versions a described by a MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH version.

After you've committed your code, run one of the following:

npm version major # incompatible API changes
npm version minor # add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner
npm version patch # backwards-compatible bug fixes

Then push the version commit and the tags:

git push && git push --tags