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libuv Build Status

libuv is a new platform layer for Node. Its purpose is to abstract IOCP on Windows and libev on Unix systems. We intend to eventually contain all platform differences in this library.


  • Non-blocking TCP sockets

  • Non-blocking named pipes

  • UDP

  • Timers

  • Child process spawning

  • Asynchronous DNS via c-ares or uv_getaddrinfo.

  • Asynchronous file system APIs uv_fs_*

  • High resolution time uv_hrtime

  • Current executable path look up uv_exepath

  • Thread pool scheduling uv_queue_work

  • ANSI escape code controlled TTY uv_tty_t

  • File system events Currently supports inotify, ReadDirectoryChangesW and kqueue. Event ports in the near future. uv_fs_event_t

  • IPC and socket sharing between processes uv_write2


See include/uv.h.

Build Instructions

For GCC (including MinGW) there are two methods building: via normal makefiles or via GYP. GYP is a meta-build system which can generate MSVS, Makefile, and XCode backends. It is best used for integration into other projects. The old (more stable) system is using Makefiles.

To build via Makefile simply execute:


To build with Visual Studio run the vcbuilds.bat file which will checkout the GYP code into build/gyp and generate the uv.sln and related files.

Windows users can also build from cmd-line using msbuild. This is done by running vcbuild.bat from Visual Studio command prompt.

To have GYP generate build script for another system you will need to checkout GYP into the project tree manually:

svn co build/gyp

Unix users run

./gyp_uv -f make

Macintosh users run

./gyp_uv -f xcode
xcodebuild -project uv.xcodeproj -configuration Release -target All

Supported Platforms

Microsoft Windows operating systems since Windows XP SP2. It can be built with either Visual Studio or MinGW.

Linux 2.6 using the GCC toolchain.

MacOS using the GCC or XCode toolchain.

Solaris 121 and later using GCC toolchain.