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Custom Properties polyfill for IE11
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CSS Variables for IE11

A realy comprehensive polyfill for Custom Properties in IE11

It can:

  • chaining --bar:var(--foo)
  • fallback var(--color, blue)
  • :focus, :target, :hover
  • handle dynamic added html-content
  • handle dynamic added <style>, <link>-elements
  • js-integration:
    • style.setProperty('--x','y')
    • style.getPropertyValue('--x')
    • getComputedStyle(el).getPropertyValue('--inherited')
    • CSS.registerProperty({name:'--red', inherit:false, initialValue:'#e33'})
  • style-attributes <div ie-style="--foo:bar"...
  • cascade works
  • inheritance works
  • under 3k (min+gzip) and dependency-free



styles in element-attributes

There is no way to get the raw content of style-attributes in IE11. Use <div style="--color:blue" ie-style="--color:blue"> for it

specificity for properties containing "var()" always little highter, cause each selector gets an additional class-selector eg. #header results in #header.iecp_u44

Help wanted!

Please test and report bugs. And add a ⭐️ and tweet about if you like it.

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