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Web Namespace Registry

Welcome to the web namespaces registry.

The goal of this project:
If someone is planning to develop a web framework, they can check to see if there might be a naming conflict with another framework.

Check if a namespace is used

Check a namespace on

Add your framework

Make a fork, extend registry.v1.json and make a pull request.
Extend it like this:

    "myns": [
            "name":"Name of your Framework",

url: Preferably a repository or project home on github

affected means:

  • ce = custom elements <x-box>
  • ca = custom attributes <div x-color=red> (non standard)
  • class = class attributes <div class="x-color">
  • css-cp = css custom properties (css variables) --x-color:red;

NOTE: Please specify only technologies that you actually use, not those that are planned.

There can be multiple frameworks using the same namespace.

Add a badge

Registred on

[![Registred on](](

Replace "myns" with your namespace.



Discuss the issues with us and create new ones

Help wanted

Any help is welcome.
In particular: expand the list and share the project.