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sysPass - Systems Password Manager

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PHP web based Password Manager for business and personal use.

  • AES-256 encryption in CTR mode
  • RSA for sending passwords from forms
  • Two factor authentication
  • HTML5 and Ajax interface
  • Users, groups and profiles management with up to 29 access levels
  • MySQL, OpenLDAP and Active Directory authentication
  • Tags, custom fields, public links, private accounts, favorites, history, etc.
  • Activity notifications by email and in-app, and event log
  • Multilanguage

Installation instructions and documentation at Doc

This software is published under GNU GPLv3 license. For details about that, there is a copy on 'COPYING' file.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


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Though it would be preferable to ask or report issues through GitHub's website, you can reach me out by email (eg. CVEs, contribution, etc.): nuxsmin[a_t]syspass[d_o_t]org