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Starter template for Nuxt.js with AdonisJS.
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AdonisJS + Nuxt.js = 🔥


This is a project template for adonis-cli.

adonis new --blueprint nuxt-community/adonuxt-template <project-name>

Make sure to use a version of adonis-cli >= 2.1.8 (adonis --version).


Command Description
npm run dev Start AdonisJS server in development with Nuxt.js in dev mode (hot reloading). Listen on http://localhost:3000.
npm run build Build your nuxt.js web application for production.
npm start Start AdonisJS server in production.
npm lint Lint your code with ESLint and Standard.


See AdonisJS features and Nuxt.js features.

AdonisJS Changes

  • No more public directory, use resources/static/ instead.
  • No more resources/views directory.

Nuxt.js Changes

  • The nuxt.config.js file is now in config/nuxt.js.
  • The Nuxt project directory is resources.

Live Demo

This demo has been deployed to with the single command: now



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