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* demo: use type `NuxtConfig` in `nuxt.config.ts`

* feat: improve types

* feat(schemes): set constructor types

* refactor: rename contract `PartialOptions` to `SchemePartialOptions`

* feat(providers): add contracts `ProviderOptions` and `ProviderPartialOptions`

* feat(sanctum provider): improve types

* chore: fix lint

* refactor(sanctum provider): reorder extends

* fix(provider): fix type `ProviderPartialOptions`

* fix(schemes): `property` and `data` of `refreshToken` should accept `false`

* fix(schemes): fix types of `scope` and `endpoints`

* feat(jwt provider): improve types

* feat(passport provider): improve types

* refactor(sanctum provider): use `typeof strategy` for `DEFAULTS` type

* feat(github provider): improve types

* feat(facebook provider): improve types

* feat(google provider): improve types

* feat(auth0 provider): improve types

* feat(module): improve types

* chore(eslint): use recommended typescript rules

* feat(schemes): improve types

* feat(schemes): use `protected` and `private` modifiers

* fix(schemes): return type of logout should be `Promise<void> | void`

* fix(oauth2 scheme): return type of logout should be `void`

* feat(providers): improve types

* feat(inc): improve types

* feat(inc): use `private` modifiers

* fix(types): add plugins option to type `ModuleOptions`

* feat(types): improve option types of `ModuleOptions`

* feat(module): improve types

* fix(oauth2 scheme): use `+ ''` instead of `toString()`

* test: fix method names

* fix(token, refresh token): use type `string | boolean`

* feat(utils): improve types

* fix(types): add `ignoreExceptions` option to type `ModuleOptions`

* fix(scheme): fix type `Scheme`

* fix(scheme): fix type `RefreshableScheme`

* fix(refresh scheme): fix type of `setUserToken` params

* fix(core): fix property `tokenName` in `requestWith`

* fix(local scheme): fix return type of `mounted`

* fix(utils): fix types

* fix(inc): fix types

* feat(core): improve types

* chore(tsconfig): enable `resolveJsonModule`

* chore(eslint): fix extends order

* chore(dev-deps): add `vue` and `@types/lodash.get`

* chore(dev-deps): add @types/cookie-parser, @types/express-jwt, and @types/jsonwebtoken

* demo: improve types

* demo: update tsconfig

* chore: update tsconfig

* chore(scripts): use `import` instead of `require`

* fix(schemes): fix return type of `mounted`

* fix(utils): fix type of `encodeQuery`

* fix(local scheme): fix type of `login` endpoint in `LocalSchemeOptions`

* fix(providers): add `clientSecret` to type `ProviderOptions`

* feat(utils): improve types of provider utilities

* demo: update tsconfig

* demo: use `nuxt/components`

* demo: fix auth options

* demo(api): fix export default

* fix(module): set default value of `ignoreExceptions` to `false`

* test: improve types

* test: update tsconfig

* chore(jest): use `tsconfig` instead of `tsConfig`

The option `tsConfig` is deprecated and will be removed in ts-jest 27, use `tsconfig` instead.

* chore(jest): ignore fixture

* demo: convert api and store files back to js

* chore(eslint): ignore test/fixture

* fix: add `_` prefix to private methods

* refactor(providers): move contracts to index.ts

* refactor(schemes): move contracts to index.ts

* refactor(schemes): export scheme options directly in scheme file

* feat: export scheme and provider types at top level

* chore(tsconfig): set `baseUrl`

* chore(dev-deps): use `latest` version

* refactor: simplify types, update structure and use named exports

* refactor: type leftovers

* refactor: simplify and apply prettier rules

* refactor: update module and demo

* chore: show error trace in demo

* feat: throw better errors for invalid strategy

* fix typo in template

* update demo

* chore: fix lint errors

* fix custom scheme imports

* test: use @nuxt/test-utils

* feat(pkg): use siroc

* fix: resolve rescursive types

* update top level index.d

* fix getProp

* update ci

* remove dependency on nanoid and jwt-decode named exports

* fix demo types

* revert demo to custom vps because of sticky sessions

Co-authored-by: Pooya Parsa <>
3 contributors

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@JoaoPedroAS51 @pi0 @bramburn
import type { RefreshableScheme, HTTPResponse } from '../types'
import type { Auth } from '../core'
export class RefreshController {
public $auth: Auth
private _refreshPromise: Promise<HTTPResponse | void> = null
constructor(public scheme: RefreshableScheme) {
this.$auth = scheme.$auth
// Multiple requests will be queued until the first has completed token refresh.
handleRefresh(): Promise<HTTPResponse | void> {
// Another request has started refreshing the token, wait for it to complete
if (this._refreshPromise) {
return this._refreshPromise
return this._doRefresh()
// Returns a promise which is resolved when refresh is completed
// Call this function when you intercept a request with an expired token.
private _doRefresh(): Promise<HTTPResponse | void> {
this._refreshPromise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
.then((response) => {
this._refreshPromise = null
.catch((error) => {
this._refreshPromise = null
return this._refreshPromise