A curated list of awesome things related to Nuxt.js
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Awesome Nuxt.js Awesome

A curated list of awesome things related to Nuxt.js.

Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications.


Official Resources




  • PWA - ⚡ Supercharge Nuxt with a heavily tested, updated and stable PWA solution.
  • Axios - Secure and easy Axios integration with Nuxt.js.
  • Apollo - Nuxt.js module to use vue-apollo (integrates graphql-tag loader to parse .gql & .graphql files).
  • Auth - Authentication module for Nuxt.js.
  • Dotenv - Loads your .env file into your application context.
  • Google-analytics - Google Analytics integration for Nuxt.js with vue-analytics.
  • Sitemap - Automatically generate or serve dynamic sitemap.xml for Nuxt.js projects.
  • Nuxtent - Seamlessly use content files in your Nuxt.js sites.
  • Blog - Create a blog with Nuxt.
  • Router - Nuxt.js module to use router.js instead of pages/ directory.
  • OAuth - Simple OAuth2 integration for your Nuxt app.
  • Sentry - Enables error logging through Sentry.
  • Webpack Monitor - Monitor nuxt webpack optimization metrics using webpackmonitor.
  • AdSense - Google AdSense integration for Nuxt.js.
  • Vuetify - Material Component Framework.
  • Browserconfig - Adds XML browser configuration support.
  • Bulma - Leverage bulma CSS.
  • Component-cache - vue-server-renderer has built-in support for component-level caching. This module automatically adds a LRU cache to project.
  • Font-awesome - Leverage Font Awesome the iconic font and CSS toolkit.
  • Font-awesome 5 - Use fontawesome 5 as a nuxtJS module.
  • Google-tag-manager - Add Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your nuxt.js application. This plugins automatically sends first page and route change events to GTM.
  • Localtunnel - Localtunnel exposes your localhost to the world for easy testing and sharing! No need to mess with DNS or deploy just to have others test out your changes.
  • Markdownit - Using markdownit-loader and markdown-it.
  • Toast - Responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin for Nuxt.js using vue-toasted.
  • Vendor - This awesome little modules creates junction symlinks from nodule_modules into static/vendor so you can directly serve node modules inside web. Useful for runtime dependencies.
  • Yandex-metrika - Add Yandex Metrika to your nuxt.js application.
  • Feed - Add RSS, ATOM and JSON feeds to your application.
  • Redirect - Simplify setting up correct URL redirection with NuxtJS. No more cumbersome redirects!
  • I18n - Add i18n capabilities to your Nuxt project.
  • Separate Env - Tear apart your variables and split them up for client/server bundle!



Mention of Nuxt.js


  • homefinder.com - A nation-wide real estate portal in the US. Find or or sell your home on HomeFinder!
  • www.gamevix.com - GameVix: Swap Video Game Discs - Spend much LESS 💰, play much MOAR 🎮! (Nuxt.js + Vuetify.js).
  • netsells.co.uk - Web agency website based on Nuxt.js powered by a Laravel backend.
  • yineo.fr - Freelance website based on Nuxt.js.
  • conf.vuejs.org - Official Vue.js Conf 2017 website.
  • vuejsradar.com - Vue.js blog and newsletter.
  • nuxtjs.org - Nuxt.js documentation website.
  • binbytes.com - Web & Mobile application development agency website based on Nuxt.js powered by a Laravel backend.
  • pro.ekiten.jp - Japanese matching website for professionals based on Nuxt.js powered by a Go backend on ECS.
  • homepinr.com - Dutch platform to show interest in houses.
  • incassolink.nl - Search for a dept collection agency that suits your needs.
  • LibCrowds - Crowdsourcing platform built with Nuxt.js.
  • ZenEstate - Singapore-based real estate agent search engine based on Nuxt.js.
  • travelme.jp - Website in Japan introducing a lot of travel articles.
  • tipe.io - Meta CMS that allows you to create and manage your content with GraphQL or REST API.
  • BR Podcast - Podcast-Directory of the german broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk.
  • opportunitiis.com - Tech industry based job listing site with Nuxt(PWA) application instances backed by Python(Flask) APIs.
  • Laboratório IMEC - IMEC Pharmacy Website - Made in NuxtJS + WP-API.
  • Koala - Ecommerce Progressive Web Application made with Nuxt.js on top of Shopify.
  • Lichter.io - Open-source portfolio website based on Nuxt.js and TailwindCSS.
  • sinitic.ai - Web platform for building multilingual business chatbots.
  • Cygames Research - Research website for Tokyo-based game company Cygames.
  • K-Beauty: Perfect Skin in 10 Steps - Korean skincare landing page by jake101.
  • Preisatlas - Real-tech (real estate) project, explore property prices for entire Germany - Project built with NuxtJS + Google Maps + Rest API.
  • Bunk - Unique view for connecting topics and events to their context in American history (Nuxt.js + Rest API).
  • Data Science Institute, UVA - Primary web expression for this pan-University institute (Nuxt.js + Drupal-powered Rest API).
  • Yearbook 2016–2017, Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, UVA - Static annual report.
  • MODULE-5.com - Industrial company site with portfolio, i18n.
  • academind.com - Online Education Site built with Nuxt.js (and teaching Nuxt.js!).
  • Holadu.com - Holadu | Find events near you.
  • Cambridge Epigenetix - Cambridge Epigenetix is pioneering the development and application of novel epigenetics-based diagnostics and therapeutics that will revolutionise the way we detect and treat disease.
  • Developmint.de - Company page built with NuxtJS and TailwindCSS, including i18n, meta/og-tags and more!
  • Maestromusic.today - Classical music platform built with NuxtJS and WordPress REST API.
  • Path to Product - Product management job board built with Nuxt, Rails API, and deployed to Netlify.
  • Teak & Twine - Custom e-commerce site built on Nuxt with a RESTful Laravel backend.
  • Parkmaven - Frontend for an online parking management platform, built on Nuxt + Adonis.js, powered by a Laravel API.
  • VuePeople - VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world. Built with Nuxt + Axios, Proxy and Analytics module, on top of Django Rest Framework
  • Y-Verge - Company website built with NuxtJS and all pages generated statically.
  • Bael Theme - Free Nuxt.js-based blog template that deploys to Netlify in one click. The backend runs on Netlify CMS and includes a serverless function for email newsletter sign up.
  • Cotabox - The commercial platform for supply chain and B2B sell's.
  • Deligram - Bangladesh based e-commerce website.
  • Cute never dies - Original mask design web shop. Integrates with Stripe's API.
  • beCamp - Open source website for a community-organized tech conference in Charlottesville, VA.
  • CrossFit 701 - Custom website designed with Nuxt and using vue-observe-visibility plugin to create nice transitions and animations.
  • BTZhai - Fast and modern torrent search engine, built on ElasticSearch + NuxtJS + Nuxt-i18n + SpringBoot. Searches and downloads the latest and hottest resources around the world!
  • Blogram - Iranian microblogging platform.
  • Nunziella Design Portfolio - Digital Designer portfolio made with Nuxt.js and WordPress REST API.
  • Portfolio of Jenil Gogari - Computational Designer - Crafted using Chota, Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Simple Icons. Typeface is Inter UI.
  • thesettlement.co.nz - Co Working Startup Based in Wellington, New Zealand. Developed with Vue.js & Nuxt.js.
  • COM-ENT Annual Report - COM-ENT Digital annual report. COM-ENT is a professionnal association for communication agencies and freelancers. Static site generated with Nuxt.js.
  • Amundi Annual Report - Amundi 1027 Digital annual report. Amundi is a french asset management company. Static site generated with Nuxt.js.




Starter Template


Official Examples

Projects Using Nuxt.js

  • sum.cumo - sum.cumo® is a strongly growing, innovative company from Hamburg and as such the implementation partner of choice for corporate digitalization in the insurance and lotto industries.
  • element-43 - Element43 is an all-in-one site to track the markets, your industry jobs, trading, you name it.
  • gustavo - Headless blogging platform built atop Nuxt & Gist.
  • surmon.me - SSR web application(blog) built with Nuxt.js for nodepress.
  • n2ex - Web app of v2ex built with Nuxt.
  • ammobin.ca - Meta search site for ammo prices in Canada.
  • fleisch-online.kaufen - Portal about where to buy good meat online, including a personal blog.
  • front end intelligence - Website where you can fetch the front end news.
  • BitcoinNEWS.blog - Proudly created a web-portal with Nuxt.js & Vue.js about Bitcoin and cryptotechnology.
  • Hare - 🐇 Application boilerplate based on Vue.js 2.x, Koa 2.x, Element-UI and Nuxt.js.
  • State of the ÐApps - The curated collection of projects built on Ethereum.
  • Tipe - Next Generation API-first CMS. Create your content with powerful editing tools and access it from anywhere with a GraphQL or REST API.
  • Rewind 2017 - Retrospective website by the publications of the leading press agency in Mauritius, La Sentinelle Ltd.
  • thalitajacinda.com - Personal website of a minimalist lifestyle influencer.
  • 2017 Rausch Family Christmas Card - @awayken makes a digital Christmas card every year, and 2017's was built using Nuxt.js.
  • moso.io - Personal, open-source SSR portfolio by @moso built with Nuxt.js, and styled with Material Design.
  • VueBlog - Blog system @wmui.
  • dominique-haas.fr - Personal website & blog built with Nuxt.js, Bulma & GraphQL.
  • emoji.ovh - Search, 👆️ Click & Paste your Emojis. Built with Nuxt.js, Algolia, Bulma.
  • PWA Builder - Generate your Progressive Web App.
  • Colle McVoy - Agency website built using Nuxt & Craft CMS.
  • Back Market - E-commerce website, the #1 marketplace of refurbished product.
  • kevinpeters.net - Personal site & blog built as PWA with custom styling.
  • 5se7en.com - 5se7en's Personal website. Built with Nuxt.js,express,vuex.
  • charlyzenger.ch - Corporate website. Built with Nuxt.js, vue-i18n, custom routes and TweenMax.
  • buefy-shop - Sample shop, open source, built with Nuxt, Stripe, Firebase, Bulma and Serverless Functions.
  • DBAdventure - Simple PHP and VueJs game where players embody a Dragon Ball character.
  • NuxtDoc by Storyblok - The setup to build beautiful documentation with Nuxt and Storyblok deployed on Netlify for everyone - for Free.
  • wandsworth.town - Wandsworth Town Business Improvement District (BID) puts businesses at the heart of what we do; shaping the future of Wandsworth Town.
  • antilophia.com - Antilophia offers a boutique luxury travel service, delivering carefully crafted travel experiences within Africa & the Indian Ocean and Latin America & the Caribbean.
  • renka.de - Agency website built with Nuxt and WordPress.
  • santihans.com - Next-level communications agency for tomorrow's digital experiences. Website built with Nuxt and Tipe.io.
  • alainperrier.me - Personal SSR and PWA portfolio by @alainperrier built with Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Laravel and TailwindCSS.
  • MONO - Agency website built with Nuxt and Craft CMS.
  • axure-broker.ch - Corporate website. Built with Nuxt.js, vue-i18n, TweenMax and SVG morphing.
  • thegaelicpoint.ie - Sports analytics tool for gaelic football data. Built with Vuetify and Nuxt.
  • nuxt-elm - Full-stack open source project based on vue2 + nuxt.Performance demonstration.
  • mistretta.ch - Creative corporate website for a Swiss Coiffure. Built with Nuxt.js, vue-i18n and GSAP.

Please don't hesitate to make a PR if you have more resources to share.