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Add nuxt-intercom to list of community modules
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limichange committed Mar 24, 2020
2 parents c9fa08b + 031c187 commit 732324c0a8657cf3b36f2bb5725c0b9cb7b40eb0
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@@ -171,6 +171,7 @@ Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications.
- [nuxt-prune-html]( - Module to prune html before sending it to the browser (it removes elements matching CSS selector(s)), useful for boosting performance showing a different HTML for bots.
- [nuxt-page-generator-helper]( - Generate your pages statically without using payload extractors.
- [nuxt-font-loader-strategy]( - Helps to load fonts and activate them by preloading.
- [hex-digital/nuxt-intercom]( - Nuxt module for simple integration with [Intercom](

### Tools

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