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Can I use axios-module in non-vue files? #28

0pt1m1z3r opened this Issue Sep 15, 2017 · 6 comments


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0pt1m1z3r commented Sep 15, 2017

I want use it in es6 classes.

This question is available on Nuxt.js community (#c28)

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clarkdo commented Oct 28, 2017

axios-module is for easy axios integration with Nuxt.js. It creates axios instance inside plugin and only delegates to ctx as $axios and app as axios.

So if your js is binded to Nuxt context, you can use ctx.$axios or app.axios, if not you may need to create a axios instance manually just like plugin.template.js does.

We may also discuss if it's necessary to change the module to export the axios instance for common import/require use.

@pi0 How do you think about it 😸 ?


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0pt1m1z3r commented Oct 31, 2017

My version.


import { setClient } from '~/services/apiClient'

export default ({ app, store }) => {


let client

export function setClient (newclient) {
  client = newclient

// Request helpers
const reqMethods = [
  'request', 'delete', 'get', 'head', 'options', // url, config
  'post', 'put', 'patch' // url, data, config

let service = {}

reqMethods.forEach((method) => {
  service[method] = function () {
    if (!client) throw new Error('apiClient not installed')
    return client[method].apply(null, arguments)

export default service


import apiClient from '~/services/apiClient'

export default {
  async current () {
    return apiClient.get('...')

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nikkanetiya commented Nov 8, 2017

@clarkdo I think it required to be able to use a module to export the axios instance for common import/require use. The way @0pt1m1z3r shown here will work, but I wish to export be part of this package which will allow me to use axios instance set by auth-module which will have data pre-set headers like tokens. Currently, I am using ENT models which is not vue files so I am not able axios instance created by axios-module.


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pi0 commented Jan 28, 2018

In a nutshell, we can not make global exports because of SSR. If there is NO WAY to access nuxt instance, you have to use window.$nuxt.$axios but this only works for Browser. Axios is available at:

  • plugins
  • vuex store
  • pages
  • middleware
  • other modules

I recommend using a plugin to access nuxt context and axios instance.

@pi0 pi0 closed this Jan 28, 2018


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lukasborawski commented Feb 14, 2018

@0pt1m1z3r f... yeah this is working perfectly


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xxRockOnxx commented May 1, 2018

At first I thought I needed axios-module to use axios with Nuxt but in my usage, I found out I don't need especially I am used to doing the service-pattern like in Java. My gist might help those who do it like me (for OP's case, return class instead of just plain object)

Here's I do it:

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