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Starter template for Nuxt.js with Δ micro
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Nuxt.js with Δ micro and a tiny bit of routing via micro-route

Δ micro + micro-route + Nuxt.js = ⚡️


The repo had to be detached from it's ancestor nuxt-express to be able to add it to the nuxt-community so basically all credit goes to them. It was just swapping express with micro.


This is a project template for vue-cli.

npm install -g @vue/cli-init # isntall the bridge to make legacy templates work with Vue CLI 3

vue init nuxt-community/micro-template <project-name>

cd <project-name> # move to your project

npm install # or yarn install

Make sure to use a version of vue-cli >= 2.1 (vue -V).


Command Description
npm run dev Start micro server in development with Nuxt.js in dev mode (hot reloading). Listen on http://localhost:3000.
npm run build Build the nuxt.js web application for production.
npm start Start micro server in production.

Live Demo

And to see the source code visit



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