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Adds XML browser configuration support. (Useful for internet explorer and Edge)

Browser configuration files (also known as browserconfig) can be used to define pinned site customizations, such as tile backgrounds, badge updates, and tile notifications. Browser configuration files let you set these customizations using external XML files rather than metadata within the HTML markup of a webpage.

  • Creates static/browserconfig.xml
  • Adds <meta name=msapplication-config> to pages if not exits.


  • Add @nuxtjs/browserconfig dependency using yarn or npm to your project
  • Add @nuxtjs/browserconfig to modules section of nuxt.config.js
  modules: [
    // Simple usage
    // With options
    ['@nuxtjs/browserconfig', { TileColor: '#3f51b5' }],

  // You can optionally use global options instead of inline form
  browserconfig: {
    TileColor: '#3f51b5',
    square150x150logo: {'@':{src:'icon.png'}}
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