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TailwindCSS module for Nuxt.js with PurgeCSS
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TailwindCSS module for Nuxt.js with nuxt-purgecss + modern css ⚡️



  1. Add @nuxtjs/tailwindcss dependency to your project
npm install --save-dev @nuxtjs/tailwindcss # or yarn add --dev @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
  1. Add @nuxtjs/tailwindcss to the buildModules section of nuxt.config.js

⚠️ If you are using Nuxt < 2.9.0, use modules instead.

  buildModules: [


This module will automatically create two files in your srcDir:

  • ~/tailwind.config.js
  • ~/assets/css/tailwind.css

It will also inject the CSS file globally and configure nuxt-purgecss and postcss-preset-env to stage 1.


If you want to set a different path for the configuration file or css file, you can use these given options:

// nuxt.config.js
  buildModules: [
  tailwindcss: {
    configPath: '~/config/tailwind.config.js',
    cssPath: '~/assets/css/tailwind.css'

If you want to set any (additional) purgeCSS configuration options, you can add a purgeCSS configuration object:

// nuxt.config.js
  purgeCSS: {
    whitelist: ['css-selector-to-whitelist'],

See full options here:


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
  3. Start development server using npm run dev


MIT License

Copyright (c) Nuxt.js Team

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