Seamlessly use content files in your Nuxt.js sites.
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Seamlessly use content files in your Nuxt.js sites.

📖 Release Notes

I unfortunately don't use this module anymore (interests changed), so I'm hoping that people that do use it can step up as maintainers / contributors. Please join Nuxtent's slack channel and DM me if interested.


The goal of Nuxtent is to make using Nuxt for content heavy sites as easy as using Jekyll, Hugo, or any other static site generator.

Nuxtent mainly does this in two ways:

  1. By compiling all the data from markdown or yaml files based on configured rules.
  2. By providing helpers for dynamically accessing this data inside Nuxt pages.

But, we didn't just want to make Nuxtent as good as a static site generator–we wanted to make it better.

So, along with that, Nuxtent also supports:

  1. The usage of content files in both static sites and dynamic applications.
  2. The usage of Vue components inside markdown files.
  3. Automatic content navigation, between pages via path and within pages via anchors.

There you go: five reasons to give Nuxtent a try, and maybe even star and share it. 😏

Simple yet flexible API

Nuxtent was created to integrate with Nuxt (otherwise, you're just building another Jekyll-like tool, with the same amount of mental overhead).

Nuxtent's API is simple yet flexible. All you have to do is 1) configure the content and 2) fetch the files with the $content helper inside the asyncData method that is available in Nuxt pages.

Here's a basic example:

// nuxtent.config.js
module.exports = {
  content: {
    page: '/_post',
    permalink: ':year/:slug'

// pages/_post.vue
export default {
  asyncData: async ({ app, route }) => ({
    post: await app.$content('posts').get(route.path)

Quick Start

If you're starting a new site, you can use the nuxtent-starter template.

$ vue init nuxt-community/nuxtent-template my-site
$ cd my-site
# install dependencies
$ npm install # Or yarn install


npm install nuxtent --save

Then, under nuxt.config.js install the module:

modules: [


Documentation available at: (built with Nuxtent).

Sites built with Nuxtent

Have a site using Nuxtent? Fork the repo and add it to the list below!

Personal Sites

Documentation Sites


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2017 Nuxt Community