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@pi0 pi0 released this May 26, 2019 · 39 commits to master since this release

DX Improvements

Browser reporter

The initial version of browser reporter was not fancier enough. Now it is! We also hide the time so the output is less verbose:



Basic reporter

The basic reporter is often used in CI environments when they append log time themselves. Thus we now omit time. Also ordering is changed for more readability:


Fancy reporter

When there is no space or terminal width is smaller than 80 characters, type and time will be hidden:


Bug Fixes

  • fancy: correctly calculate line width when using grave accent (bad52bd)


  • fancy: always hide right side on width < 80 (07d8246)
  • fancy: smart hide time and tag when there is no space (00a375f)
  • basic: improve basic logs (ea6ce59)
  • basic: hide time from basic logger as it is commonly used in CI environments (68c3bae)
  • browser: fancier logs (b64f337)
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