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Create Nuxt App

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Create a Nuxt.js project in seconds


Make sure you have npx installed (npx is shipped by default since npm 5.2.0)

npx create-nuxt-app <my-project>

Or starting with npm v6.1 you can do:

npm init nuxt-app@latest <my-project>

Or with yarn:

yarn create nuxt-app <my-project>

Features 🎉

  1. Package manager
    • Yarn
    • Npm
  2. Programming language
    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript
  3. UI framework:
  4. Template engine
    • HTML
    • Pug
  5. Nuxt.js modules:
  6. Linting tools:
  7. Testing framework:
  8. Rendering mode
  9. Deployment target
  10. Development tools
  11. Continuous Integration

CLI Options


Alias: -e.

To install nuxt-edge instead of nuxt, add the command line option --edge:

npx create-nuxt-app <my-project> --edge


npm init nuxt-app <my-project> --edge


yarn create nuxt-app <my-project> --edge


Alias: -i. Print out debugging information relating to the local environment and exit.


Alias: -h. Show the help information and exit, include: usage, command and all cli options.


Show debug logs


Alias: -v. Show version number and exit.


Overwrite the target directory.