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Nuxt.js Documentation

This is where the documentation is stored and served as an API


⚠️ You must at least use node >= 8.0.0 (supports async/await) to start the server.

⚠️ You must also have the main website repo up and running on localhost to be able to run the docs...

Start a dev server on localhost:4000:

npm install
npm run dev

Then access the docs via the website running on http://nuxt:3000 (see instructions on repo).

On Translations


Russian translation is maintained by Translation Gang.


Chinese translation is maintained by AOTU Labs from China, Shenzhen.


Japanese translation team is using a translation tool called GitLocalize in principle. See the following "Want to help with the translation?" section.

Japanese translation is maintained by INOUE Takuya.


Korean translation is maintained by Taewoong La.


French translation is maintained by Vuejs-FR Team.


Indonesian translation is maintained by Nuxt.js Indonesian Community Team.

Want to help with the translation?

We are using a translation tool called GitLocalize.

Follow these steps to get started with your contribution:

  1. Go to GitLocalize's nuxt/docs repository.
  2. Sign up using your GitHub account :octocat:.
  3. Find the document you are going to translate.
  4. Happy translating .
  5. When you are done, send the translation for reviews.
  6. Reviewed translation will be sent as a Pull Request to GitHub by language admin in the community.

To learn more about how GitLocalize works, visit their help page. If you find any issues or feature requests, please file them in GitLocalize's issue tracker.