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Nuxt.js Documentation

This is where the documentation is stored and served as an API


⚠️ You must at least use node >= 7 to start the server.

Start a dev server on localhost:4000

npm install
npm run dev

On Translations


Russian translation is maintained by Translation Gang.


Chinese translation is maintained by AOTU Labs from China, Shenzhen.

Want to help with the translation?

If you feel okay with translating sorta alone, just fork the repo, create a "work-in-progress" pull request (mark it with [WIP], see Russian translation if you need an example) — and just go on.

If you are more of a team player, maybe Translation Gang is for you? Then just let us know somehow that you're ready to join this international open-source translators community. Feel free to contact Grigoriy Beziuk or anybody else from the team.

And thank you in advance ;)